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First Days

Kids learn 93 essential pre-school skills

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Develop an affinity towards reading

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Introduction & fun with mathematics

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Early management skills to become self-dependent

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First Days

Early learning program for kids (age 3+)

One long & sequential story to 93 skills

Kids learn 93 essential pre-school skills, via a long and sequential story, in the following categories

  • Visual and Observation
  • Listening and Concentration
  • Early language and reading
  • Early math
  • Self-help
  • Social and emotional development
  • Concepts of color, texture
  • Concepts of position, direction, time


Develop a passion for reading

Welcome to Reading (Age 4+)

Helps develop essential reading skills and comprehension. It is a multi-sensory program involving auditory, manipulative, and visual activities. The course includes sequential stories, basic high frequency words, developing vocabulary, 4 levels of graded stories to introduce reading, and more. Reading instructions introduced in "First Days" are enhanced.

Reading Habit Development (Age 5+)

Focuses on developing an affinity towards reading and a life-long passion for learning. We introduce children to fundamentals of reading and the importance of understanding what they read. The program includes guidelines for reading, syllables, articles, vowel sounds, consonants, word roots, prefix, suffix, pronunciation keys, sesquipedalians, simple grammar, and a lot more.


Fun with math (Age 7+)

Focuses on eliminating the fear of math by teaching fundamentals using a fun-filled approach . The course begins with puzzles and stories about the origin of number systems, counting, lucky numbers, etc. Proceeds to solving problems via puzzles, magic squares, etc. Shapes, measurements, time, speed, and other metrics are introduced. Kids play with binary numbers, Pythagoras theorem, multiplication tables, theodolite, etc.

Number Systems



Binary Numbers


Early Management Skills (Age 10+)

Guidelines to help kids become self-dependent and professional at what they do. Kids learn good study habits, positive attitude towards education, best place & time to study, ways (SQ3R) to study, etc. Methods to improve reading and comprehension, building vocabulary, and advanced grammar. Memory skills, how memory works, reasons for blocks in memory and how to unblock them are introduced. Better test taking tips, ways to approach standardized tests are taught.

Study Skills

Memory Skills

Test/Project Skills

Time Managment


Feedback from parents

Roshni (4 years old) is really blessed to have you as the Master, she loves to read, her reading skill has improved constantly, and she has learnt a lot of words.

- Jayanthi & Srikanth (2013)

I have found a marked improvement in the reading ability, propensity to study and learn more in my daughter Gayathri. This attitudinal change is the biggest benefit for her and kindling interest in children to learn more is done by Reading Circle.

- S. Mani (2012)

In general, the courses are very good and designed to make children understand the basic concepts. The informal way of teaching by the Master, his ability in making every child to understand are appreciable.

— Ms. Sujatha (2004)

Innovation In-Process Fellowship by Education We Want


M. S. Santhanam

The courses at Reading Circle for Children are conceived and adapted based on his experience of teaching children for the past 30 years. He is also an educational consultant for the World Book Inc. Chicago.

Our approach

Founded in 1986, more than 1000 kids have benefited from Reading Circle for Children. We offer consultancy for parents about their role on how children learn. We assess a child's acquired level of knowledge and offer a unique plan for every child. Each course is approximately 30-40 hours of duration. Our ratio is a maximum of 1:10


We are located in Chennai, India

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